Publish my website

Here’s how you do it

Needed information

  • You will need your domain name.  This almost always the part after www. in your web address.  i.e. is “”.  Use that for any place you see “DOMAIN.NAME” below.
  • Your user name.  This will be provided to you on request or during site setup if you publish your own site.  The new servers require the user name to start with a lower case letter and do not allow any non alpha numeric characters.  Use this any place you see “USER_NAME” below.
  • Your password.  The new servers require strong publishing passwords.  At least 1 upper case letter, at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 numeric character, and at least 8 total characters.  Use this any place you see “PASSWORD” below.

Setting up your publishing software (Generic)

  • The location or server name will be “ftp.DOMAIN.NAME”
  • The folder your site is in will be “www.DOMAIN.NAME/web/content”  This is where the files for your site are located.
  • Then, of course, your USER_NAME and PASSWORD are needed to log in.
  • Now use the procedure required by your software.
  • Call us if you need any more help.