TranSoft Labs “IT Services”

TranSoft Labs now Provides the following IT and Security services.  The listed prices are monthly per computer or user.

  • Managed Endpoint Protection. ($5.00)
    Our Cloud Managed Anti-Virus. Our antivirus solution is automatically installed and monitored from our dashboard.  The status of your computers anti-virus is sent to our dashboard every hour.  This includes a check that the associated services are running, the software is updated, and a check for errors in the log.  If any issue is found, we will attempt an automated repair.  If this fails, we will notify you of any additional action needed.
  • Patch Management.  ($5.00)
  • Security Awareness Training.  ($4.00)
  • Managed Backup.  ($20.00 per server, $10.00 per workstation + storage)
  • Web Filtering.  ($4.00)
  • Email Filtering.  ($10.00)
  • EDR.  ($8.00)